Don’t fear ‘Garden Tax’ – Land Value Tax is a good idea

I’ve written before that housing, property prices, land rights and so on are a big chuffing catastrophe for a lot of people in the UK, more so the young and property-less more than anyone else. For example, I couldn’t read the whole of ‘All that is solid’ by Danny Dorling because it just ended up making me really sad. I even blogged about this occasionally to a small audience of weirdos. (And I ask you – is there a higher calling?)

I felt simultaneously annoyed and compelled to write something about the news (specifically in the Sun, Mail, Telegraph, Express, Star) popping up slamming what they choose to call the called ‘Garden Tax’ announced in the Labour manifesto for the just-around-the-corner general election… but it’s not.

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Where will we live?

LESSBIG starts off the new year with this brilliant long read essay by James Meek, from the London Review of Books. Meek is an established name when it comes to writing about privatization and his collected essays ‘Private Island’ will be published by Verso.


image: Wikipedia

image: Wikipedia

This essay comes at the housing crisis from a variety of angles, yet the key points are widely relevant and long term. As a relative novice, I found the walk through of the last 50-100 years of general and social housing policies and history invaluable in explaining why we are where we are today. Can’t recommend this strongly enough. Enjoy!

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Help To Buy : WTF?

(That stands for ‘What The Flip‘, BTW…)

We don’t usually try and be particularly topical on this blog; mainly due to a lack of time in general, compounded by the difficulty of following stories as they develop, but I’m sure by now you have spotted various stories about one of the four government-backed home ownership schemes – of which Help to Buy is the one picking up the most headlines at the moment.


Is it any good for me? Any good for wider society, the economy or the environment? Well, we can only scratch the surface of some of these deep seated housing market and land rights issues here, and have a good look at what various other sources are saying about it. Read on…

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